How to Tie Bob's Banger Pattern


Step #1 Get your thread wrap base down the whole shank and capture the Faux Bucktail.


Step #2 Tie in the Ice Chenille pointing out the back of the fly.


Step #3 Wrap the Chenille up the shank of the hook until it lands just under where the foam body will red. Make a few wraps with your thread to lock in the Chenille and trim the extra off.


Step #4 Put a light amount of glue across the foam body. Then, gently lay down the wrap off center vertically (long way) so it can overlap. Once lined up, put pressure across the body to lock it in.


Step #5 Apply a light amount of glue on the remaining exposed body and slowly bring the wrap around the rest of the foam body.


Step #6 Run the bodkin through the center of the Foam Body. Then apply a generous amount of glue on the shank where the foam body will be installed


Step #7 Push the Foam Body onto the shank while twisting at the same time. Have the seam of the wrap land on the bottom of the fly.


Step #8 Install eyes

Bob's Banger never looked so good!

2017-08-23 22.50.35

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