How to Sneak Fly Fishing into Any Vacation

The weather is starting to get a little bit warmer and the days are getting longer, it's almost vacation time. While your next vacay might not be just a fly fishing adventure, we're here to give you a few pointers on how to sneak some fishing time into your next chunk of PTO and make the most of the time you get on the water!

Subtly Talk the Trip-Planner into Going Somewhere Fishy...

My father has been utilizing this technique for years to get my mother to plan family trips close to good trout fishing water. By having the destination near fishing it will make it waaaay easier to sneak away for a half day and get your fly lines wet.

Find Your Time Window

Find the times during your trip where you can get away without losing too much time with your crew. Maybe you have to wake up a few hours early to get out before everyone wakes up or while the crew is having downtime. Have a few spots picked out on your map and be ready to bee-line for them the moment you're free. Pick your window and commit to it, make the most of the time you have and enjoy!

Make the Fishing Part of Something Everyone on the Trip Can Enjoy

Fly fishing takes us to some pretty incredible places and most of those aren't ugly. Make a day of the fishing excursion but make it a part of something everyone on the trip can enjoy. Perhaps it's a half day fishing and a half day on the beach or perhaps its a hiking day up to a blue line or to a waterfall, make fishing a part of the adventure!

Always Have Your Gear with You

Keep your stuff handy and be ready, if you know where you are going to be fishing, do a little bit of research and have a day's worth of flies, leaders and tippet with you. And when you see your window of opportunity, grab your gear and head to the water. It's all about making the most of the little amounts of time you get. Postfly Box Banner

Use Bribes If Necessary

Food, drink, cold hard cash, whatever it take, you may have to make some concessions if you want to get fishy on your vacation so prepare accordingly. Sometimes all it takes to get a day on the water is simple bribery!

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