How to Set Up a Zero-Twist Streamer Leader

Leader twist has long been one of the biggest pain points in streamer fishing. Many streamers are designed to swim a certain way, hook-point-up, hook-point down, etc… So if your leader twists up, the fly won't swim correctly to get the reaction you want from your intended target. But by simply adding in a barrel swivel, you can make sure your fly swims the right time, every time.

What You Need:

How to Build Your Leader

Step 1: Tie a loop knot in the thickest end of your tapered leader if there is not already one there. We like to use a double figure-8 knot or a perfection loop.

Step 2: Cut the leader 7 feet down from the loop knot and tie the tag end to the barrel swivel.

Step 3: Tie your tippet of choice off the other side of the barrel swivel.

Step 4: Tie on your streamer and start stripping!

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