How To Make A DIY Storage Unit From All Your Old Postfly Boxes

Guest post written by Tribe Member John Howe who won the Postfly Box Recycling contest with his DIY storage unit. Learn how to make your own below: DIY Postfly Box Storage Organizer How To: Here are the steps to making a sweet organizer for your gear out of leftover postfly boxes. You will need at least 5 boxes to make it work! Step 1: Cut off the lids of 4 boxes to make the drawers. You can add handles or knobs to them later with any leftover boxes you may have. Make sure to save the lids!
DIY Postfly Box Organizer Step One Step one, cut the lid off your latest box. Don't forget to hang on to it for the next step.
Step 2: Next, open up a complete box and cut off all of the flaps on the outside. You should be left with a large rectangle like this:
DIY Postfly Box Organizer Step 2 Cut one box so it lays completely flat.

Step 3:

Take one of the leftover lids, and glue or staple it to one side of the rectangle. Repeat on the other side, and you will have the main box of the organizer. Test fit a drawer in the box, and make sure it slides in and out easily. You may need to leave some space between the “back” and “sides” of the box so the drawers move freely.

DIY Postfly Box Organizer Step 3 Make your cut out boxes into the back of the DIY Postfly Box Organizer.
Step 4: Now, take two more of the leftover lids and cut them in half lengthwise. Cut each of these four strips down the middle so you end up with eight L-shaped pieces like this:
DIY Postfly Box Organizer Step 4 These tabs will secure your DIY Postfly Box Organizer's drawers.
Step 5: Staple or glue the short end of the pieces to the back of the main box, spacing them equally apart. You can now hot glue the long piece of the L’s so they are perpendicular to the back. These will support the drawers.
DIY Postfly Box Organizer Step 5 Secure these tabs so that you can easily slide in your drawers in and out.
Step 6: Slide in the drawers, add any embellishments, and you have completed your organizer! Put it to good use holding tying materials, fly boxes, or postfly gear.
DIY Postfly Box Organizer Step 6 Once you get your DIY Postfly Box Organizer all finished make sure to cover it in plenty of stickers.
If you want to build your own Postfly Box storage unit, first you need the boxes. Sign up for Postfly now and get new flies and gear sent to your door every month.
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