How To Go From The Water To The Bar Without Looking Like A Weirdo

Some say it's the perfect day. Early dawn patrol mission with your buddies to go catch a ton of fish, then hitting the beach-side bar for some lime-tipped cerveza with said friends. How do you do that without standing at the bar looking like a fool, still dressed in your waders? With a little planning people won't even know, unless you caught a ton of fish, in which case everyone will know because you won't be able to stop talking about it.
Koozie Catch More Fish Make sure your hands are ready to reel in a fish by protecting them with a Postfly koozie. It's science.
The Most Important Part Step 1: Actually catch a fish. No one wants to go to the bar and celebrate when there's nothing to celebrate. Unless you just want to go to a bar and forget that you can't catch a fish, in which case, we'll see you there. Get a game plan the night before and stick to it. Make sure you have the right gear and that it's all working and ready to fish. Make sure you have the right flies. Sign up for Postfly to get the right flies sent to your door every month.
How To Hang Out With Your Buddies After Fishing If you're already drinking while fishing, be sure to do it responsibly friends.
Look The Part Half of fly fishing is looking cool while you're doing it, but you can't go hang at a bar in full angler garb and expect any bartender to serve you a cold one. The first part of a fish to frosty outfit is a tech-shirt that looks like a regular button down. These are getting more and more popular now, or just a fishy tee shirt like so and plenty of sun screen. Then all you need is a pair of comfortable board shorts that are fast-drying and look like a normal pair of shorts so that no one is the wiser. A pair of flip flops and cool polarized shades will seal the deal that you'll be the coolest looking angler around.
De-Fishing Soap Is Designed To Get The Stink Out Don't go meet up with your friends smelling like fish, grime and slime. Use De-Fishing Soap.
Don't Smell The Part The trickiest bit is not smelling like you just came from catching a bunch of fish. Obviously you can't be wasting time going home to shower before hitting the streets (who does that), you need to be able to clean up on the go. We recently partnered with De-Fishing Soap and finally found the solution, so we included it in our May 2017 Postfly Box. With a splash of water, their essential-oil based formula works to lift the smell off your hands instead of just masking it with a different smell. Fish slime, body odor, even gasoline, this stuff gets rid of the smell before you have to interact with humans again and be looked at with a weird glance. For more information about De-Fishing Soap, check out their site and line up supplies at their website, Get cool gear sent right to your door every month – and a pack of the best flies around. Sign up for a Postfly subscription of your own here.
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