Thank You, Internet: Estrada 5wt Chronicles: Georgia Brown

With over 375,000 views in a little less than a year, this episode of Eric Estrada's 5 Wt. Chronicles is one of the most popular fly fishing videos on the internet, and for good reason. Estrada travels to Blue Ridge, Georgia to chase trophy browns with Will Taylor, of the Fly Shop Company. The video captures everything unique and special about fishing in the Blue Ridge, from the veritable rainforest-like conditions to walking through cow pastures to access backcountry creeks filled with seriously big trout. Enjoy the video, check out Estrada Art, and be sure to hit up Will Taylor at the Fly Shop Co for an epic backcountry fishing trip in the Georgia Mountains... Not a member of the Postfly Tribe? Make sure you have a box coming your way next month and sign up today to get the best flies and gear sent right to your door every month.
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