How to Tie the Cam Sigler Big Game Tube Fly

This video from Martyn White Flicking Feathers will walk you through the steps of tying one of the most popular big game flies out there. Whether you're going for Sailfish, Tuna, or bull Dorado - this pink tube fly is a necessary addition to the arsenal... And for those of us who don't have any big-game offshore fly fishing trips on the horizon, it's always fun to get outside of your comfort zone and tie something a little funky. Who knows, one day you might just put it to use. No... we don't offer a "blue water" box, but we do have an inshore saltwater fly subscription - if you're into that kind of thing. Not a member of the Postfly Tribe? Make sure you have a box coming your way next month and sign up today to get the best flies and gear sent right to your door every month.
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