8 Blogs Every Fly Angler Should be Reading

blogs-featured Finding blogs with content suited for your level of engagement in fishing can be challenging. Knowing where to start can be more difficult. This post lays out our favorite blogs (in no particular order) with content ranging from advice, to fishing tales, to general banter and current events. Use this post as a starting point to help find blogs suited to your needs.
    1. Fiberglass Manifesto (thefiberglassmanifesto.blogspot.com) Originally developed as a product review for fiberglass rods, this blog does a great job keeping anglers up to date on all things fly fishing. This is a great go-to source for all sorts of product reviews, new product launches, as well as the occasional general fishing banter. You'll also find links to quality fishing journals. Content is updated daily and is geared towards the angler with some experience under their belt.
    1. Moldy Chum (www.moldychum.com) A great spot to stay up to date on current events in the fishing industry. This site is great for those who enjoy all sorts of fishing multi-media (i.e. videos) as well as general fishing talk and education on conservation. The team puts a humorous spin on their posts so you'll be entertained the whole way through. Content is updated daily and the audience ranges from the casual angler to the addict.
    1. Jason Borger's Fish, Flies & Water (jasonborger.com) This is a great place to go to find straight advice on fishing techniques without the noise. Much of the content related to technique comes with helpful illustrations. Jason is in the process of writing a book related to casting techniques as well. Think of this site as more of an encyclopedia; a place to go to up your game. An abundance of content exists and we recommend this for any novice or intermediate angler looking to improve technique and the expert angler looking to break any bad habits.
    1. Gink + Gasoline (www.ginkandgasoline.com) This blog has a wide range of content, ranging from advice (ie. where to fish, technique), to general fishing tales, to tips on guided fishing tours as well as some great photography. These guys aim at keeping their content fresh, so you'll be sure to learn something new every time you visit. Content is updated daily and is best for those anglers with some experience but looking to bring their game to the next level.
    1. Field & Stream (www.fieldandstream.com) Another straight shooter blog where you'll find content related to product reviews, advice on apparel, fishing tips, as well as the occasional general banter. The site can be a little tricky to navigate but a good location to learn quick tips, new locations, or product reviews. New content is updated every month or so but good for anglers of all levels.
    1. Flats Walker (flatswalker.com) This content is targeted towards saltwater fly anglers (we don't get enough attention!). This is a great location to find high quality media content on all things saltwater angling, notably fishing tales or musings from the water. Much of this content is written in narrative format and is best if you're looking for a good story. Through these stories you'll come up with some new ideas on your own. Content is updated every month or so and is targeted towards saltwater anglers in search of compadrés.
    1. Skinny Water Culture (www.skinnywaterculture.com) Fishing isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Just ask the guys at Skinny Water Culture. This blog is useful for those looking for some great fishing stories, high quality media, and stunning photos. Content is updated every few days and is targeted towards those seeking a deeper look into the fly fishing culture.
  1. Fly Fishing Frenzy (www.flyfishingfrenzy.com) This content is almost purely around great fishing stories. These tales are not only entertaining to read, but might give you some ideas to live out in your own expeditions. You'll also find some stunning photography. Content is updated weekly and is targeted towards those anglers who’ve tried the sport and can’t get rid of the itch.
Honorable mentions: Alex Landeen, Way Upstream, Fly to Water, Fly Fish Bonehead There are certainly more blogs out there but we've laid out a starting point to find solid, up to date, content. Pick a few blogs and make it a habit to check in on them regularly. It'll especially help through these long winter months and you'll most definitely learn something new to try out on the water. Your turn PFB community, what blogs do you target for great content on fly fishing? Comments are encouraged below. Tight Lines, PFB
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