6 Questions With Postfly Ambassador Chantel Deneumoustier

Catching fish on the fly all season long takes dedication and our new Ambassador profile series is taking a look at the lives of the anglers that are out there day in and day out, making it happen. Postfly Ambassador Chantel Deneumoustier (@chantelwestcoast_) focuses her time catching trout and steelhead on the West Coast and spending time with friends. Use her lessons to start catching like a pro.
Postfly: What got you into fly fishing in the first place?
Chantel Deneumoustier: A few of my friends as well as my boyfriend were just getting into fly fishing a few years ago, so I decided I wanted to try too! With my background in gear fishing from growing up with a brother and dad who dragged me out every weekend, it was very exciting to learn the art of fly fishing!
Chantel Deneumoustier Hooks Into A Healthy West Coast Trout Postfly Ambassador Chantel Deneumoustier spends as much time as she can catching trout on the fly.
PFB: How has your life changed since starting to fly fish?
CD: The majority of the time I am fly fishing, I am by myself. Spending that quality time with myself is super important to me, especially since life can get so busy sometimes, we forget we need some peace to be with ourselves. I feel like I really know myself and understand myself since I have been fly fishing.
PFB: What does it mean to you to be called an ambassador to the sport?
CD: To me being an ambassador means I am a student to the sport, pushing myself and challenging myself to get better and learn more. I will never be a pro, and that makes me happy. I love learning and watching and feeling myself get better with each line I cast.
Chantel Deneumoustier Loves Enjoying The Bounty Of The West Coast Chantel Deneumoustier takes the time to enjoy the bounty of the West Coast water.
PFB: What's your favorite fish to chase on the fly?
CD: The Elusive Steelhead, mainly because I have had multiple on the end of my line but yet to land one.
PFB: What's the coolest trip you've taken this season? (So far)
CD: The coolest trip I have taken this season so far would have to be just outside of Cusco Peru. Fly Fishing high altitude lakes, so far away from any other tourists and only with locals was an amazing experience.
Chantel Deneumoustier Spent Time Catching Rainbow Trout In Peru Postfly Ambassador Chantel Deneumoustier recently spent some time exploring the waters of Peru.
PFB: Where's your next trip?
CD: With the local salmon season just around the corner, my next trip will be in my own backyard, Westcoast (best coast) BC!
This is part four of a series highlighting our Ambassador team to help you learn how to catch more fish and grow as a fly fisherman. Stay tuned for part five next Friday. Click here to read part three! Want to spend your days catching fish left and right like a Postfly Ambassador? Subscribe now and get flies and gear sent to your house every month.
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