4 Things Fly Anglers Can Do While They Poop

As a fishing writer I've had to come to terms with something not-so-glamorous that I think most, if not all, fishing writers tend to ignore. Coming from a background at a fishing magazine, the author of a fly fishing book and now with the Postfly blog, "The Wade," I've accepted the that my life's work is almost entirely read by people sitting on the toilet. You know, at first I denied it, but I know the truth when I see it. I've come to accept it. So, what better way to really embrace my life's calling than to give my loyal and slightly gross readers (you gonna wash your phone after this?) some better ways to pass the time on the porcelain throne. Don't let those precious minutes be flushed away...haha...instead use them to better yourself and your fly fishing pursuits. 1) Watch A (Short) Film This one seems obvious right? When you can't go fly fishing the only thing that almost comes close is watching a fly fishing film. Maybe if the film is good enough to get you hyped up on fly fishing you'll just run out of the bathroom (after washing your hands of course), ditch work and go fishing. That's all we can hope, really. What's that? You're there right now? We're not surprised. Watch our current favorite flick, "Pursuing Esox," from our friends over at Austin Green Photography right now: PURSUING ESOX from Austin Green Photography on Vimeo. 2) Tie Flies You might be thinking, "Where do I put my vise?" I've already got the answer my friend. You know those old school mirrors that extend from the wall? Take off the mirror and replace it with a vise. Add a little tying basin underneath to make sure you don't drop feathers in your underwear (that'd be awkward) and don't forget a series of tool holders to keep things organized. As for scraps, your probably sitting next to a trash bin already, and the only thing you have to double check is that no hooks fall where they shouldn't. Plus, you'll never have to worry about that awful bucktail smell again, because...you know.
A Fly Angler Points Out Characteristics Of A Rainbow Trout Learning a new skill or even just new theories on fly fishing can make you a better angler and help you catch more fish.
3) Learn A New Skill Like I mentioned above, I've accepted the fact that most people reading my life's work do so on the can. I'm honored. Fly fishing blogs, magazines and books are a great way to better understand a new skill before you attempt it in the field. Sure you might look like a fool waving your arms around while sitting on the toilet while you mimic the sweep of a new cast, but that's why bathroom doors lock. Videos are also a great way to learn a new skill if you have to see it in action to pick it up. YouTube is a great place to learn skills for free and many fly fishing publications or experts have entire video series on learning a new skill. Just don't get sucked down the hole of cats doing funny things...you'll never get out of there.
Start Planning Your Next Fly Fishing Trip Now Careful planning well in advance can make the next fishing trip the best one of your life.
4) Plan A Fishing Trip I'm all for day trips and I'm happy to go fishing for just a few hours as much as the next guy, but what I enjoy most in life is disconnecting and going on a real fly fishing trip. I'm looking for those trips that make me forget what day of the week it is, the ones that keep me daydreaming for months afterwards, the ones that you can't fit into just a weekend. While those are my favorite trips, they're also the hardest to plan and to have time for, so when you're just sitting there day dreaming, instead plan the easy weekend trips that will keep you smiling throughout the work week. Those simple weekend day trips, or the long weekend overnighters can be the best of the season, but you have to start planning them now. Want to make sure that once you're done doing your business you can get back to fishing? Make sure your flybox is always full of the best flies around, hand-picked to match the current season and sign up for a Postfly subscription.
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