3 Perfect Dawn Patrol Meals And How To Make Them (Plus Snacks)

Food; it's the essential ingredient to any good day on the water. Without food (and plenty of water) you're going to be seriously dragging instead of catching. In fact, the only reason some my friends will ever come out fishing with me is because I make a mean breakfast burrito, which you can learn how to make yourself below. The next time you're getting your gear ready for a day of fishing, make sure to pack yourself a cooler full of food and drinks so you can stay out there longer and catch more fish. Especially when the weather is cold, food will help you keep your spirits up and will even make you warmer.
Eat More To Catch More Fish The more food you pack the longer you can stay out on the water and catch fish all day long.
1) Bacon Breakfast Burrito Bacon isn't the only ingredient in this burrito, it's not even the main ingredient, but it is the most important. Obviously. Ingredients –Bacon –Flour Tortilla –Eggs –Cheddar Cheese –Potatoes (optional) –Siricha (totally not optional) Recipe: The night before you go fishing, cook up the bacon. It helps to make extra for snacking while cooking and assembling the breakfast burrito. Pour off the excess fat and cook the potatoes and eggs in the same pan. Place two tortillas onto the counter and overlap them to create one long tortilla wrap. Place the eggs, lots of bacon, the potatoes if you dare on the tortilla. Sprinkle a little cheddar cheese over the top and liberally apply hot sauce until your heart's content. Wrap the tortillas in wax paper and store in the fridge overnight. In the morning, microwave the burritos and wrap in foil to keep warm until you're in the boat. Enjoy.
Fly Anglers Start To Prepare A Shore Lunch If you're really doing it right, you'll stop for a shore lunch, cook some food and spread your legs a little.
2) PB&J The PB&J is the most underrated sandwich ever. It has all of the necessary ingredients, protein from the peanut butter, grains from the bread and a boatload of sugar from the jelly. Instant energy, longer form energy and long term energy. It's the perfect meal, really. Just make sure to bring a few per person, these go fast every time. Ingredients –Peanut Butter (crunchy all the way, amiright?) –Jelly –Two Slices Of Bread Recipe: Make a PB&J.
Fly Anglers Enjoy A Beer On The River It's the liquid lunch of another kind.
3) The Liquid Lunch Sometimes the best lunch is the one that's most convenient. Especially if you're run-and-gun fishing or you're wading all over creation and can't carry around a cooler full of food, sometimes the best lunch is a smoothie or protein shake that will let you eat/drink on the move, at the same time. Ingredients: –Fruit (I like the classic strawberry, blackberry, banana combo) –Protein Powder (for the guns) –Ice –Whatever else you want to blend Recipe: Put everything in a blender and hit blend. Done.
A Fly Angler Gets Ready To Hit The Water Cigars aren't exactly a fly fishing snack, but they're also not NOT a snack. Know what I'm saying?
Don't Forget The Snacks! Sure you brought enough meals for breakfast, second breakfast, first lunch, second lunch, afternoon lunch, afternoon dinner, dinner and second dinner, but did you bring snacks? In between all of your essential meals, feel free to snack to keep your energy up and stay focused on the water. Wading For It requires some serious calorie intake. Here Are Ten Snacks You Can't Fish Without –Nuts (I like 'em honey roasted) –Trail Mix (extra M&Ms) –Beef Jerky –Snickers (or other candy) –Protein Bar –Chips –Pretzels –Fruit (dried or fresh) –Veggies (...I guess) –Meat & Cheese Slices Want to make sure you're just as well stocked with flies and gear as you are snacks? Sign up for Postfly now and get flies sent to your door every month.
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