Trout Edition Subscription Fly Fishing Box
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Monthly Trout

$15.00 / month

Each flybox comes with approximately 12-15 premium quality trout flies and is mailed out on the 20th of each month. Shipping is always free and you can cancel any time from your account.

Monthly: $15/month
Shipping:Free in the US, $6 per month to ship anywhere else in the world.

Save $ by committing to a longer term plan:

3 Month Subscription: $40.50 (save 10%)
6 Month Subscription: $76.50 (save 15%)
1 Year Subscription: $144 (save 20%)

Monthly Beef Up

The worst possible thing that can happen while fly fishing is breaking off that magic fly and not having an extra in your box!

Double Up: 2x the flies and 10% off
Triple Threat: 3x the flies and 15% off
4×4: 4x the flies and 20% off

Example: If you go with a Triple Threat Beef Up on a Monthly Trout box, you'll get 3 of each pattern -approx. 45 hand tied flies- in each of your monthly boxes. The discount continues for each order.