Rhino Landing Nets

Ultra-rugged. Nearly indestructible. Built to withstand serious abuse on the water, without breaking the bank.

Rugged Durability

Rhino Nets are handmade and hand-wrapped right here in the USA. Each net is built from lightweight aluminium and lined with an ultra-durable coating for maximum grippy-ness on the water. Available in three sizes, and multiple thread-wrap color choices.

What The Tribe Is Saying

Not really a doctor

“Awesome net! The bass net is the perfect size for bigger-than-average trout. It fits perfectly in the belt of my waist tackle pack. It also looks really durable, and is by far the best net you can get for the price.”

Tyler Hoem

Small Rhino Net


Weighing in at just 1 lb, our smallest Rhino net is what you need for backpacking into blue-line creeks, and small streams. A large, “wide-mouth” net shape also fits those lunkers up to 20” that hide deep in undercut banks.

Head: 13" x 13" | Handle: 12" | Bag Depth: 9" Black

Medium Rhino Net


Favorite among guides for extra reach. Designed and built for almost any fishing situation. Weighing just under 2 lbs, and rated for fish up to 12 lb and 38”, this net is commonly seen on kayaks and in urban jungles.

Head: 16" x 16" | Handle: 21" | Bag: 15" Black

Large Rhino Net


Our largest head shape, designed specifically for the biggest fish you chase. Wade for it with a 24” handle, or pull fish into the boat with the bigger, 42” option. This Rhino net is the perfect boat net – ready to withstand fish up to 45lbs, and all the abuse they bring.

Head: 19 x 19" | Handle: 24" or 42" | Bag: 19" Black

Rhino Color Wraps

Rhino's Spotted in the Wild

What are you Wading for?

Get a lightweight and durable net built to survive the toughest punishment on the water.