How to Make Fly Fishing in the Wind Not Suck

As the season changes, they bring with them seasonably strong winds with them. Fly fishing in the wind can be tough and frustrating, but not if you think ahead and check out these quick tips that will help you get out fishing even when the winds are a-blowing’!

Find Areas Sheltered From the Wind

The easiest way to make fishing in windy weather bearable is to get out of it. Look for high banks, dense woods or corners that provide a break from the wind, those will be the best spots for you to cast without having to bother with the wind.  Just watch your back-cast!

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Cast With the Wind to Your Back

If getting out of the wind isn’t an option, do your best to position yourself with the wind blowing at your back. If you are casting parallel with the wind, your line will act more like a blade and your loops will stay tight. Plus you’ll be using the wind to your advantage to get more distance on those casts!

Use a Heavier, Faster Rod

If you know about the wind before you go fishing, you may want to pack a heavier rod and a matching line. While the fight may not be as fun on the heavier gear, your casting arm will thank you for thinking ahead. The heavier line should also help you punch through heavier gusts and still turn over flies!

Keep Your Line On/In the Water

If the wind is pickup up your line and messing with your drift or retrieve, the best way to avoid this is to keep your rod tip in the water, or as close as you can while still getting the presentation you want. If you’re streamer fishing, this will improve your retrieve and keep you tighter to your fly, for swinging nymphs or drifting dries, this will drastically reduce the amount of drag the wind pulling on your line would cause.

Windproof Rain and Wading Gear

We always keep a wind and rainproof layer in our cars whenever we head to the water. Being able to keep yourself warm is definitely the difference between a truly enjoyable day on the water and a cold wet struggle fest. Our favorite set up? The Compass360 Guide Point Wading Jacket and Zip-Front waders, they’ve kept us warm on some of the bitterest New England days on the water!

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