5 Warm-Water Flies Anyone Can Tie

As the heat of summer begins to fade, and nightly temps start getting to that wonderful upper-60s range, warm water fish start getting ready for the Fall and Winter and go on the feed. No matter if you’re chasing smallies, bucket mouths, carp or good-old-fashioned panfish, these flies can get you hooked up wherever you’re fishing, and they’re super simple to whip up on your own. Just pick up one of our tying kits, or hit your local fly shop and you’re all set!

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The Kreelex

Designed to look just like the spinners you throw on your old spin rod, this fly is the hail mary pass of flies. Tie them up in a variety of sizes, cast em out, and strip them in fast to get all that tinsel pulsing in the water. We’ve landed everything from Pike to Stripers on this fly making it one of our confidence flies any time we hit the water!

FF Baitfish 

A true work-horse pattern anywhere predatory fish lie, this easy to tie fly, is a great addition to any tyer’s acumen. Tied with synthetic materials to get it down in the water column quickly, the subtle flash and taper of the body is sure to elicit the response you’re looking for from any warm-water fish.

Sneaky Pete Slider

No warm-water fly kit is complete without a good topwater fly or two in the mix. The Sneaky Pete is no exception, designed to slide just under the water’s surface and then pop back up again, the action is just something that bass can’t resist. This fly is a great way to learn how to tie with popper heads. Try changing up the tail and head colors to find the combo your local fish want and get casting!

Red-Eyed Leech

This may be our favorite smallmouth bass pattern out there. It can imitate a crayfish, sculpin or a heavy baitfish, this fly just works. The complex loop head of the fly is a great skill for any fly tyer to pick up and use on other patterns and creates a bulky head that pushes water as it jigs through the water. Just be ready for the heavy hit of a smalljaw as soon as this fly gets down in the water.

The Carp Nasty

Carp may be one of the most underrated warm-water fish out there. Capable of drag peeling runs and boasting size that most fresh water fish only dream of, they are a fun challenge wherever you find their tails waving as they feed on the bottom. The Carp Nasty is a really simple fly to learn and it really does work just about anywhere. Try changing up the colors to match the bottom or the bugs in your carp pond and get after them.

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