How this Tribe Member is Impacting His Local Water

Brandon Crouser first started fly fishing after getting forced into a fly tying club in school. Initially, he says he was not a fan of the club or the old men associated with the sport. But as soon as he got a chance to take his newly tied flies out on his local creek and landed a trout, he was hooked.

As the years have progressed, Brandon says, “it’s been more about the amazing places that it’s taken me, the people I’ve met, and the conservation work being done on the water.” The biggest aspect has been how fly fishing has made him take a look at his own personal impact on the environment, he began collecting litter during his fishing days working to make the places better than how he found them ensuring they are left intact for the next generation of outdoors people.

His first step was to get involved with Trout Unlimited. At first, he says he just loved being surrounded by others that were as passionate about trout as him, and the perks that TU members get access to. TU exposed him to a number of other projects in the region is was how Brandon got involved with his latest endeavor.

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Brandon recently took his passion for stream conservation even farther by becoming the Secretary for his local stream’s conservation association, The Donegal Fish and Conservation Association. In addition to his role as secretary, Brandon has been forced out of his comfort zone and is now passing down his own fly fishing knowledge through various educational events.

We asked Brandon why he thinks others should get involved with local stream conservation and he had this to say,

“All I can say to people is it’s your choice. If you love the outdoors you believe in clean water and conservation then get involved. People told me that for years And I always had an excuse about time, work, blah blah blah when I finally did the feeling was overwhelming and addicting.”

Every angler should follow in Brandon’s footsteps and get involved, even if that means just packing out the trash you find along the stream every time you go out on the water.

Brandon’s new Wade Nymphster out in the wild.

Brandon’s next adventure is fishing all 14 pieces of Keystone Select waters in Pennsylvania, which are special regulation waters scattered across the state. You can follow Brandon’s adventure on his YouTube Channel.

If you’d like to get involved with Trout Unlimited, you can find your local chapter, here! And if you are a Postfly Box Subscriber you have a free year membership included in your subscription!

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