How to Navigate a Fly Shop For the First Time

Navigating fly shops is something that every trout bum loves, each one is different and they are like databases full of fly fishing information and should be one of your first stops when you visit a new fishing area. But to some they can feel overwhelming, so we’re here to give you a few quick tips to help you navigate any fly shop with confidence.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Say hello to the staff and don’t be afraid to ask questions, they’re there to help and know the best spots for newcomers to try. Although they may withhold some of their honey holes, most shops are in the business of keeping people coming back, so they won’t lead you astray. Plus they are going to be the best source of fresh intel as they probably just got off the water before the shop opened.

Check out the Stream Reports

This should be your first stop after you walk through the door. The fishing reports will be your guide to what flies to fish, what tippet to use, and most importantly how different areas are fishing. It can be the difference between a one-fish day and a day filled with netted fish.

Chat with Other Customers

One easy way to meet other fishy folk is to go where they hang out. Locals can be a great way to get easy intel about the region and where to fish, and more importantly to park. Most of my fishing relationships stemmed from a conversation about a rod, reel or certain fly pattern. Who knows you may find a new fishing partner or your next secret spot.

Come visit us at our brick and mortar fly shop in Newburyport, MA. We’ll help guide you through everything you need to get on the water this season and give you a pointer or 2 on where to find fish. The striper will be here sooner than we know it!

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