How to Use Technology to Maximize Your Fly Fishing

While many may argue that technology leaves us more disconnected from our surroundings and keeps us indoors, it can and should be used to make the most of your fishing time. So here are my 4 best pieces of advice on how to use tech to improve your fishing and save you time!

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Save All Your Fishing Spots on Google Maps

Google maps and Earth can be great resources for finding your next fishing spots but also for keeping track of where you catch fish. Label your various pins with what fish you saw and when and use your smartphone to quickly navigate to your honey hole if you’re tight on time or just trying to beat your buddy.

The RiverData App

This app is a much easier solution to navigating the USGS gauge pages we all pore over waiting for the flow to hit that perfect CFS or depth that we know will mean fish on the feed. All the rivers are broken down by state and you can easily save your favorites to access quickly. This app has been especially helpful when we get out to fish tailwaters by easily being able to see when the releases change. Get it on the App Store. 

Windfinder App

For the salty or still water anglers know that wind can affect your fishing a lot. It can blow bait and move currents, or it can just make casting impossible. Knowing where the wind is coming from is key, and our favorite app so far has been the Windfinder app. With stations all over the US, you can see live what the winds are doing and make your fishing decisions with confidence. Additionally, the app also tracks tidal movements so it’s an easy one-stop resource to decide where you’re going to be throwing lines. Download it, here. 

Keep a Log of Your Fishing Days

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received from a fly fishing guide was to keep a log of my fishing days. I was told to track weather, water movement, time of day and what flies I was fishing. I thought this guy was a crazy person, but I took his advice and applied it to my local smallmouth stream. Quickly I started to notice patterns, feeding windows, and fish behavior at different water levels. The easiest way to do this is to set up a note in your smartphone and a folder of fishing pictures and start tracking your days on the water, or pick up one of these handy fishing logs for inspiration!

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