What’s In the Box: February

We’re almost to Spring everybody! If you didn’t hear, the groundhog didn’t get spooked by his shadow and Spring is on the way. No matter where or what you’re fishing for this season, Postfly’s February boxes are ready to get your rod bent on some serious fish. Find out what came in this month’s boxes below and if you haven’t joined The Postfly Tribe yet, click here to sign up.


This month’s box is all about getting midge-y with it. Whether your fishing the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Southeast or chasing wilds in the Rockies, this months box comes packed with any trout’s favorite winter snack. Midges are common in almost all cold water streams that support trout and make an easy protein-rich snack. Look for midge hatches and action in the slower stiller water of eddies and tailouts and be ready. Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!


This month’s warm water selection is primed and ready for mid-winter bass. If it swims and starts with Largemouth or Smallmouth we’ve got you covered. Don’t sleep on the streamers in the box as well, designed to imitate just about anything, these flies can be deadly for carp and even trout, we highly recommend taking the olive zonker and dangle it in front of a feeding carp, you’ll like what happens. Want these flies delivered monthly? Add a warm water subscription to your monthly shipment.

Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!


This month we’ve hooked out salty anglers up with a collection of deadly Micro Minnows. All you have to do is figure out what color your locals want to eat and throw it in front of them. But don’t be fooled by their smaller stature, especially during the winter, predatory saltwater fish look for the easy target of smaller bait fish, or perhaps larger patterns will just spook them in skinny water, so tie one of these puppies on, tighten that drag and get ready. Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!

Salmon & Steelhead

We’ve got a mixed selection of swinging flies, nymphs and egg patterns. Here’s to cold rainy on the water and the fish of a thousand casts. So get out there and swing ’em up this month! Gearing up for this winter’s steelhead season? Add a Postfly Steelhead and Salmon box to your subscription and never run out of flies this season.

Guide Series Highlight: Loon Line Speed

The Guide Series Tribe Members were given the gift of speed this month with a Line Speed line treatment kit from Loon Outdoors. Positively the best line cleaner, conditioner, and UV block for fly lines. By cleaning, adding a slickness, filling in imperfections and protecting lines from the sun, Line Speed allows lines to cast farther and last longer. Unlike most line cleaners, Line Speed doesn’t leave a sticky, dirt gathering silicone fluid coating. Apply with Loon’s Line Cleaning Tool and let sit overnight.

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Fly Tying Videos:


Learn to tie the Smoke Jumper Midge pattern, a perfect choice for winter trout nymphing from this month’s Trout Tying Kit.


Smallmouth season is almost here and across the country, the green footballs are starting to wake up and eat, learn to tie one of our all-time favorite smallie streamers from this month’s Warmwater Tying Kit!


Sometimes you have to size it down to trick big saltwater predators on the hunt, learn to tie the Micro Minnow from this month’s Saltwater Tying Kit!

Want to start whipping up your own? Add a fly tying subscription today.

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