Why You Should Always Have a Fly Rod In Your Car

Getting out on the water doesn’t need to be a full day on the water. Sometimes just stopping by a local bass pond or stocked trout stream for a quick fix is enough to shake off the mid-week blues. You might think having extra fishing gear in your car is just going to stink it up or take up too much room, but I hope these reasons will get you to throw your gear in there and make the most of the fishing time you have.

You’re Always Ready to Wet a Line

Be ready for whatever fishing opportunities come your way. You’ll always be ready for a quick lunch break session, or if you see a hatch or blitz going off on your drive home. Trust us, nothing is worse than having to watch a Striper blitz out of your car window while you cross the river on your way home and knowing you don’t have a rod ready to throw something into the mayhem.

You Save Time Getting Ready for Fishing Trips

You know we’re all about maximizing time on the water and getting the most out of every minute we get to spend out there chasing the tug. Keeping your gear on hand in the car makes getting ready for a day trip out a piece of cake. You won’t have to worry if you left a fly box by your tying desk or your rod in a closet. Personally, I am not a morning person so I’m always at risk of forgetting something important if I need to have it on a trip. So I have found the best way to minimize that risk is to just keep all my fly fishing essentials in my car.

You’ll Always Have a Back-Up Rod in the Car

Probably one of the worst things that can happen to anyone on a fishing trip is snapping a rod. I speak from experience saying that nothing is worse than being on a trip, snapping a rod, and having to watch your fishing buddies land fish for the rest of the adventure. Having your back-up rod in the car is the simplest way to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

It’s a Quick Escape From Work

Sometimes you just need to get a quick fishing fix in. Maybe it was a long morning or your weekend fishing trip got rained out and you need to get a rod bent. Having your setup in your trunk is a great way to relieve some mid-day stress and relax before heading back to the grind for the rest of the afternoon. Or if you’re a morning person may be a few casts on a pond are all you need to kick your day off right. All you need is a rod, reel, a handful of flies, and a leader and you’re ready to mess around with a few local panfish and bass.

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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Always Have a Fly Rod In Your Car

  1. Texas Saltwater Fishing March 3, 2019 / 2:52 pm

    I don’t have a fly rod nor do I know how to use one but I have a collapsable bait casting rod and reel that I keep in a little suitcase in my truck. I bought it off of Amazon. I sometimes use it at work when we have free time. Great article and good suggestions. Tight lines!

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