How to Maximize Your Time on the Water

Have you ever gotten back from a fishing trip and thought, “Wow, I would have had more time on the water if I only had done…” We can all agree that the days or maybe hours a week we get to chase fish on the water is precious time. That’s why we wanted to share a few of our own tips and tricks to make sure you can maximize your fishing time and minimize wasted time on the water.

Scope Out Your Fishing Spots Beforehand

Spend some time before fishing trips researching where you’re fishing next. This can be an easy way to take some of the guesswork out of fishing strategy when you arrive on the water. Personally, I spend time pouring over Google Maps trying to find out what the water I’m going to be fishing looks like. Thanks to satelite imagery, you can typically identify most types of water in a river, sometimes even down to the very current seams. I can quickly drop a few pins and hit the fishiest spots first, moving on to the next best water as I go.

Keep Your Gear Organized

Stop digging around in your pack for the fly that’s caught in the deepest corner of your pack. A well-organized pack makes it easy to find what you need when you need it. Sometimes a hatch will only last for minutes and if you’re not ready, you may miss out.

Have Pre-Tied Rigs Ready

Whether its a leader wallet full of pre-tied leaders or a chunk of cardboard with double-fly and dry-dropper rigs already tied together. Having your rigs pre-tied will allow you to quickly switch up your strategy and maximize the precious time you have on the water. These awesome foam rigging tools that work perfectly and won’t melt if they get wet like cardboard.

Have Multiple Rods Rigged Up

If you’re really trying to maximize your time on the water, having 2 rigged-up rods is a great way to easily switch tactics without having to setup up a new rod. For instance, I fish nymphs most of the winter for my local trout, but recently I have been carrying a streamer rod along just-in-case the opportunity presents itself to fool a hungry brown for a quick streamer fix.

Keep Your Fly Boxes Full

You may know the feeling of looking down at your fly box and not seeing the fly you need for the situation in front of you. You try digging around in your bag but you can’t find one and you just wasted a half hour desperately searching. An easy way to avoid this is to keep your fly box full with the flies you need. The easiest way to do this is with a monthly Postfly subscription, we send you the flies you need every month matching our patterns to your region, saving you time and guesswork on the river.

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