The Postfly Box Beginners’ Guide

At Postfly we encourage anglers of all skill levels to participate in the one thing we love most: fly fishing. Our products are geared to help anglers of all levels – whether you’re a professional guide looking to explore new patterns or a novice seeking to build out the ol’ fly box. In an effort to motivate our novice members to get out there and fish, we created the PFB Beginners’ Guide as a quick reference tool to help introductory fly fisherman navigate the complex and somewhat intimidating terminology surrounding equipment and setup.

The Rod & Reel


If you are trying to put a rod setup together, we recommend a 9′ 5WT rod, like the Wade Rod Co Freestone, paired with a 5WT reel as a starter. It’s a very versatile setup that will work in almost all freshwater situations that you’ll find yourself it.

We are proud to have launched a reel brand, Pelican Reels, just like the Wade Rods you know and love, they will be available on subscription as well as for outright purchase! Featuring fully sealed drags, and ultra-large arbors to bring in your fish with ease and confidence.


The Line


Now onto your fly line, you’ll want a WF (weight-forward) floating line, also 5WT (to match the rod). We carry any line you would need to match your rod on our site!

As for the leader, we recommend the Postfly Tapered Leader in 5X or 6X. The advantage of using a tapered leader is you won’t have to use tippet as the leader tapers to a fine point. All of our leaders are top quality and available at a price that can’t be beat, and ship for free.

Tippet is best used to extend the length and/or life of your leader! If you break off, simply tie on a segment of tippet (that matches your leader) to restore the original length!

Last But Knot Least, The Flies!


The most important piece of equipment is the fly. You either have the right fly, or you don’t. The easiest way to build a diverse and functional fly box is with a Postfly Subscription. Each month you’ll get a selection of nymphs, dry flies, emergers, wet flies and terrestrials for trout fly fishing.

We offer subscriptions for whatever you’re chasing, featuring boxes made for Steelhead, Warm-Water (Bass, Panfish, Pike, Carp etc.), Trout (selection based on region!) and Saltwater species. We also offer a Fly-Tying subscription box that comes with everything you need to tie your own!


Choose the box that’s right for you and get out on the water!

Download the high-resolution flowchart here →.


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