What’s in the Box: July Fly Tying

Bring on the dog days of  Summer! No matter where you’re fishing or what you’re fishing for this season, Postfly’s July boxes are coming in hot, ready to warm up the start of the season with some fish. Find out what came in this month’s boxes below and if you haven’t joined The Postfly Tribe yet, click here to sign up.

Trout – Drowning Hopper:

What you get:
Hook: #8 Dry Fly Hook
Body: Tying Yarn
Dubbing: SST Dubbing
Body Wrap: Copper Wire
Legs: Rubber Legs
Post: Deer Hair
Parachute: Hackle
Thread: Uni-Thread

Warm-Water – SST Dubbing Body Gurgler

What You Get:
Hook: SW 1/0 Hook
Flash: Krystal Flash
Tail: Maribou
Tail Collar: Hackle
Body: SST Dubbing
Body Cover: 1/2″ Cut Foam
Thread: Uni-Thread

Saltwater – Flash Minnow

What You Get:
Hook: Daichii 811S #2
Flash: Krystal Flash
Tail: Flymen Faux Bucktail
Eye: Bead Chain Eyes
Body: Cactus Chenille
Throat: Fishing Line for a Weed Guard

Thread: Uni-Thread

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