What’s In the Box: January

Winter has come, for some, that means filling their fly boxes and waiting for a weather window, but for others, its the time of the year to chase big fish! No matter where or what you’re fishing for this season, Postfly’s January boxes are ready to get your rod bent on some serious fish. Find out what came in this month’s boxes below and if you haven’t joined The Postfly Tribe yet, click here to sign up.


This month’s box is a perfect wintery mix of fly patterns. Whether your fishing the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Southeast or chasing wilds in the Rockies, this months box comes packed with any trout’s favorite snack. With a perfect mix of dries, nymphs, and streamers, there’s nothing in this box that any trout won’t want to take a sniff at. Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!


This month’s warm water selection is primed and ready for mid-winter bass. If it swims and starts with Largemouth or Smallmouth we’ve got you covered. Don’t sleep on the streamers in the box as well, designed to imitate just about anything, these flies can be deadly for carp and even trout, we highly recommend taking the olive zonker and dangle it in front of a feeding carp, you’ll like what happens. Want these flies delivered monthly? Add a warm water subscription to your monthly shipment.

Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!


This month we’ve hooked out salty anglers up with a collection of deadly Sea Streamer flies. All you have to do is figure out what color your locals want to eat and throw it in front of them. Top that off with a mini-popper to get then riled up on top and one of our favorite shrimp flies. If you want to get creative with it, try suspending one of the Sea Streamers about a foot behind the Mini-Popper. The popper will get the fish’s attention, and the streamer will take care of the rest!

Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!


Salmon & Steelhead

We’ve got a collection of classic streamers that are proven in the Pacific Northwest. They’re all tied with bead chain eyes to they ride hook point up, so you catch more fish and fewer snags. Here’s to cold rainy on the water and the fish of a thousand casts. So get out there and swing ’em up this month! Gearing up for this winter’s steelhead season? Add a Postfly Steelhead and Salmon box to your subscription and never run out of flies this season.

Guide Series Highlight: 

Whether you’re on the ocean, chasing tuna or nymphing for rainbows on the Bighorn River, this fishing log will help you document your next trip.

Each page has callouts for the location, date, body of water and companions. Record all of your details so you can remember what gear worked at what spot. This log is perfect for all types of fishing; novices, and experts alike.

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