Don’t Sleep on Winter Float Fishing Trips

Last winter, I had the luck to partake in a winter float trip with fellow Postfly Ambassador Harry Desmond of Berkshire Rivers Fly Fishing. My expectations were low because it was the middle of February, BUT I was pleasantly surprised. We attacked the Western Massachusetts stream with nymph rigs and streamers (all of which can be regularly found in your monthly Postfly Box) and found both options to be fruitful!

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Harry’s raft is really comfortable and great to fish out of, the best part, of course, being Harry’s bumpin’ sound system. We listened to all kinds of music ranging from Bob Marley to Chance the Rapper, and even a little Blue Grass. Later on, however, Harry revealed that a former client of his had read a study that Aerosmith music always resulted in hungrier fish. It didn’t really work out for us, but we continued to “Dream On.” Most of our fish were caught while listening to 2Pac, but that is neither here nor there.

All in all, this was an awesome day that turned out much better than I had anticipated. My home rivers are not super productive in the winter time, so it was a fun experience to meet up with Harry and fish some of the awesome water that he knows so well.

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