What Will You Find Inside The Latest Postfly Box?

The Postfly Tribe has been feeling the stoke from the latest batch of boxes that just went out, and for good reason: we get better and better every month. Holidays, crazy weather and some traveling have all come together to push packing right up to the wire, but we managed to get it all done, getting the best flies and gear around sent out to thousands and thousands of fly anglers all around the world.

Whether you like to tie up your own flies, pop-pop-pop your way to hooking into a monster bass or like to watch a trout sip big stonefly patterns off the surface, this latest box has everything you need to catch ’em this season. We also created a sticker with four different color patterns, spreading them out over the Tribe so that you might even get a different one than your buddy. Of course, you’ve gotta catch them all. (Those will go up on the website within the next week or so, don’t worry). Sign up for Postfly here and never worry about missing the latest sticker again.

Find Out What's Inside The Latest Postfly Box
What are fly anglers all around the world fishing with this month?
Spring Fly Fishing Is Starting To Heat Up
You need the right flies and the right tactics to catch fish in the Spring.
Find Out How To Win The Latest Postfly Contest
Recycle your box, win a killer swag pack from Postfly!

If you’re already a Postfly subscriber you’re already entered for a chance to win one of two metal fish sculptures from Flood Tide Fabrications. If you’re not a subscriber, make sure to sign up here for the chance to win a metal striped bass or a metal rainbow trout!

How To Win Metal Fish Art From Flood Tide Fabrications
Join The Tribe to be entered to win a badass metal fish sculpture from Flood Tide Fabrications.
Check Out The Latest Trout Fly Kit From Postfly
It’s stonefly season, which means it’s time to watch trout hungrily slam big stonefly patterns on the surface all day long.
Essential Spring Runoff Tips From Hank Patterson
Once again the world’s greatest fly fishing guide Hank Patterson shares his secrets for catching fish.
The Latest Warmwater Fly Kit From Postfly
The latest warm water frog popper kit from Postfly will blow your mind it’s going to be so fishy.

Learn how to tie the Micro Stone Rubberleg by watching the fly tying tutorial video right here!

Learn How To Tie The Micro Golden Stone
The latest fly tying kit from Postfly is going to challenge you, but once you learn how to tie it up you’ll be a better angler for it.
The Latest Collection Of Steelhead Flies From Postfly
Learn what steelhead anglers are going to be throwing this Spring season.
The Latest Saltwater Fly Kit From Postfly
The Peanut Bunker kit from the latest Postfly Box is going to be effective wherever saltwater trophies swim.
The Latest Postfly Centerfold Is A Beauty
Badfish TV is out traveling the country in search of the biggest fish and it looks like they found it.

Stop missing out on getting flies and gear sent right to your door every month, ready to help you catch fish. Sign up for a Postfly subscription today and Join The Tribe. 


5 thoughts on “What Will You Find Inside The Latest Postfly Box?

  1. Carlton Pearse May 1, 2017 / 2:29 pm

    What was the “sleeve” of green material in the last box? Not sure what to do with it.

    • Ben Duchesney May 1, 2017 / 2:34 pm

      That’s a UPF neck gaiter. Wear it around your neck and face to stay protected from the sun and wind and stay out on the water longer.

  2. Hosh Craven May 1, 2017 / 9:41 pm

    What size are the warm water poppers? Mine are yet to arrive…

  3. Larry B May 2, 2017 / 10:29 am

    Another great box. Going to need to get a new rod to throw the big poppers though

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