VIDEO: Fly Fishing Is About Doing What You Love – Erin Foley

We eat, sleep, breathe, daydream and regular dream about fly fishing, which is exactly why we work at Postfly, trying to spread that passion all around the world. The first person to ever get hired here at Postfly was Erin Foley, the Outdoor Community/Customer Success Manager. If you’ve ever called us here at Postfly HQ, sent in an email or asked a question on Facebook, chances are you talked to Erin. If you’ve ever been to an event thrown by Postfly, you’ve probably even shared a beer with her. If you ever fish with her on the water, be prepared to be there catching fish for a long time.

Meet Erin Foley And See What It’s Like To Work At Postfly

Click here to watch part three in the series and meet Postfly’s founder Brian Runnals. 

The Postfly Tribe is all about having fun on the river with your buddies. Sign up for Postfly now and join Erin and the rest of the Tribe on and off the water. 


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