6 MORE Fly Anglers You’ll Meet On The Water

A while back we made a big splash when we listed the “6 Fly Anglers You’ll Meet On The Water.” That was so popular that many people demanded more. Well we’re here to give our Tribe Members what they want, so here are just a few more anglers that you’re sure to meet if you start fly fishing.

1) The Filmmaker

There’s nothing we like more during the long, dark New England Winter than cracking a cold one and enjoying a fly fishing film. Now that the internet allows amateur camera bugs to film, edit and release their works of art to the masses, everyone and their mother is getting out on the water and hitting the record button. You’re probably only going to see glimpses of this angler, as they’ll be running all over creation trying to get a cool new angle. If you see an angler holding up a camera ridiculously close to a leave, waiting for the raindrop to fall off and into the river, you now know what they’re doing.

Postfly's Brian Runnals Holds Up A Nice Streamer Caught Bass
Catching big, aggressive fish on a streamer is what some fly anglers dream about.

2) The Streamer Junkie

There’s a hatch steadily rolling off the water? Don’t care. Stoneflies are getting slammed on the surface by hungry trout? Doesn’t hesitate. There are bamboo-casting, tweed-wearing purists everywhere looking down their noses? Couldn’t care less. The streamer junkie only cares about one thing, finding a big, hungry, aggressive trout to slam his streamer and nearly rip his arms out of his sockets. Do it once and you’ll understand.

3) The Glass Addict

This angler spends more time casting than actually fishing. You’ll notice that instead of looking at the casting target, they’re looking up at their pretty fiberglass rod. Maybe it’s a weathered hand-me-down, passed from generation to generation, or it’s a fully custom job that cost more than you’re entire setup, either way, there’s a story behind this rod. Get too close to this angler and they’re likely to tell you alllllll about it and how you need to try fiberglass, like, RIGHT NOW! DO IT!

Postfly's Erin Foley Sends Out A Long Cast
Seeing a woman fly fishing used to be like seeing a unicorn, but that’s quickly changing.

4) The Fly Girl

It’s sad, but the number of women that fly fish is drastically lower than the number of dudes on the water. That number is steadily growing, (there are even all women events now), which we couldn’t be happier about, but for now, seeing a woman on the river can be a surprise for some anglers. Known as”The Vokey Occurrence,” when a guy angler sees a women fly fishing their going to start messing up and trying to impress her. It’s a sad sight to see, but not really a surprise either.

5) The Beer Slugger

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cold one in between hatches or as your guide rows you down the river, but there’s a line. This angler, well that long was crossed a long time ago, back when they were still counting beers. You’ll notice this angler by a zig zagging walk between fishing spots, or if they never move at all, letting their 30-rack of beer sit chilling in the water beside them. If they have a backpack for their empties, at least they care about the environment, let them drink.

A Failed Fish Photo Up In Alaska
We’d accept this as a catch, but only if we sort of trust you.

6) The “You Should’ve Seen It…” Angler

Fly fish long enough and you’ll run into the angler that can’t wait to tell you how big the fish they just caught was. They’ll very good at catching this giant fish without a camera, with no one else around, and absolute no proof, but it’s for sure to be described as the biggest fish you’ve never seen. Sure, you might notice that their waders are mysteriously dry, or they haven’t casted once since they came into view, but they’ll go on and on about their epic battle. If this angler is really selling the story, just sit back and listen. Sure it’s probably total bull, but who doesn’t like a the fish tale.


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2 thoughts on “6 MORE Fly Anglers You’ll Meet On The Water

  1. Teri October 12, 2016 / 8:34 pm

    I would add, that while some men work to impress women, others often want to tell me how to fish….and tell me how to fish….and tell me how to fish…and tell me how to fish…..and tell me how to fish…..and tell me how to fish….and tell me how to fish.

    • Russell October 17, 2016 / 3:46 pm

      Well, if you are like my wife and sister, Teri, you’ll have a knack for quietly outfishing them. 😉 This is probably the reason they feel like they have to “tell you how to fish” in the first place. See ya on the water!

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